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Select DART-8 or DART-8-VAWT Unit Package Deal.

 :: Inverters ::

Hybrid Battery Inverters:


YiY & LUX Inverters have built in AGS (auto generator start) Function, for Generators with a Starter Motor.

 :: Dual Axis-solar Radiation Tracking (DART) Units :: (Excludes Solar Panels)

Dual Axis Solar Tracker Kits:

 All DART units include Hi-Wind Safety Stow Kit, Over Rotation Safety Stop Sensor Kit and Radiation Tracking Control Module.

 Solar Panel Ground Clearance:

 If Grazing Livestock around DART, a recommend minimum 150cm Solar Panel Ground Clearance, eg. at Sunrise & Sunset. 

 :: DART Foundation :: Select One (The Higher the Solar Panel Ground Clerance, the Deeper the foundation Required)

 Cemented Foundation POLE:

 FIRM Ground.

 Cemented Tripod Foundation:

 SOFT Ground.

Ground Screw Foundation:

 NO cement needed ! 


 :: Solar Panels ::

 (500W) BlueSun Solar Panels:

 (700W) Bluesun Solar Panels:


 :: Energy Storage :: (Eliminates Paying for Energy Consumed after Solar Sunset)

 Lithium (LiFePo4) Batteries:

 Nickel Iron (NiFe) Batteries: 

 Super Capacitor (SC) Batteries: 


 :: Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) Equipment :: The 3kW VAWT ONLY Fits our DART-8-VAWT Solar Tracking Unit.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine:

Wind Turbine TOP Mast:

Charge Controller & Dump Load:


NB: 3kW VAWT is the Only unit we Fit to our DART-8-VAWT Unit.

 :: Fuel Generators :: (Black-out proofing your premises)

See our Gen-Sets:

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