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DART-8 Solar Tracking Unit

Dual Axis-solar Radiation Tracking (DART) Racking is superior at Generating Energy than all other Solar Racking types, all DART units can Generate Peak Energy from 10+ hours of Sunlight per Day, and the Further South of the Equator you live, the more Energy a DART unit you will generate!

Dual Axis Slew Drive.

This is our Design DART-8-VAWT Unit, it's an 8 Panel Dual Axis-solar Radiation Tracker that uses 2x Slew Bearings, Wind & Light Sensor, instead of the inefficient GPS Tracking.

This DART-8-VAWT Unit also offers the Option to install a 3kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT), that is mounted on a separate 300cm Double Flanged mast fitted above the Solar Racking.


DART-8 Generates the following Daily Energy;

  • 8x 700W panels = *56kWh/p Energy per Day.
  • 8x 500W panels = *40kWh/p Energy per Day.
  • 8x 445W panels = *36kWh/p Energy per Day.

* /p stands for "Peak Energy", in other words the Solar Panels are exposed to Full Sunlight all day.

A DART-8 Unit Generates enough energy per day to make a large Residential or Semi-Commerecial business energy independent, when incorporated with the correct sized Energy Storage.

NB: The further South or North of the Equator you live, all DART units will Generate more energy, due to the Arch of the Sun through the Sky.

Dual Axis Slew Drive.
Dual Axis Slew Drive. Dual Axis Slew Drive.

DART-8 with high Mast, looking East.

DART-8 with high Mast, fitted with 440W Longi Panels.

Dual Axis Slew Drive. Dual Axis Slew Drive.

Standard DART-8 Unit looking North.

Standard DART-8 Unit looking East.

Dual Axis Slew Drive. Dual Axis Slew Drive.

Looking towards East/South.

Looking East, showing West Stop Magnet.

Dual Axis Slew Drive. Dual Axis Slew Drive.

Extremely Over sized Concrete Foundation, Customer only had a 9 ton Excavator.

After Final pour of Concrete Foundation.

Dual Axis Slew Drive. Dual Axis Slew Drive.

Two DART-8 with higher Mast.

Customers Fitted there own Solar Panels.

Dual Axis Slew Drive. Dual Axis Slew Drive.

Customer used a Star picket at the bottom of the Foundation hole for Earth/Ground Spike.

Install with 30cm beneath bottom Foundation Flange reduces the chance of long term Rusting.

Dual Axis Slew Drive. Dual Axis Slew Drive.

Customer used Re-bar around the Foundation Pole, providing a stronger Foundation.

Final Concrete Pour above Re-bar.

Dual Axis Slew Drive. Dual Axis Slew Drive.

Cemented block & double Flanged Foundation Pole design, with top flange set 30cm above Ground.

The Rotation of a DART Racking.

For those looking to Dig or Auger a minimum 40cm Diameter Foundation Hole for a Double Flanged Foundation Pole, you should allow an additional depth of 30cm, to provide a 30cm Cement Bed below the bottom Flange Plate to take the vertical load of the DART.

It is advisable to install a Earth/Ground spike at the same time, old school would be a Re-bar or Star Picket.

All you need to know to install a DART Array;

1. A standard DART does NOT include a Foundation!

As some customers prefer to manufacture there own foundation.

However, A standard Double Flanged Foundation Pole for a DART-8 is 130cm.

There are another 3 Foundation types to chose from, based on the Ground type!

2. What is the Solar Panel Ground Clearance height in the morning & evening ?

A DART-8 installed with a standard 90cm Main Mast, with the Racking Tilted 60 degrees, the panels will be approx. 300mm (30cm) above the ground, a 130cm Main Mast provides 70cm Clearance.

If you want to increase the ground clearance the Main Mast heigh needs to be increased, allow approx. $1.25 per cm increase.

3. What is the Ground spacing require between multiple DART's to stop panel shading?

North-south direction spacing is approx. 8 meters.

East-west direction the distance is approx. 9 meters.

These distances will change depending on your Latitude location & any Shading from Trees/Terrain.

4.What height are the Panels in the Tilt & Stow Position?

In a Tilt position of 60° the panels will be approx. 600mm (60cm) from the ground.

In the Stow position (Horizontal) with a standard Mast, the height will be approx. 250cm Heigh.

5. The location & Height of a DART units will be set by the Surrounding Trees, Buildings &/or Terrain, as DART's should/need be installed in an area that capture the most Sun.

Australian INSTALLERS: Make sure that in Winter any Trees growing on the North side of any DART's location, does Not Cast a Shadow over the Solar Panels, as it will simply reduce the Daily Energy Generated.

the height of the tree.

Below information is required, before we manufacture a DART unit to your Specification;

1. You tell the exact height from the ground (at a 60 degree tilt)

2. Tell us how many units are needed (according to North-south direction and east-west direction).


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