Below are several DART Foundation designs to suit various Ground types.

We also have Mast Hinge under development ! 

This page will be updated as we add more content !

Australian EdenCrete manufactures Carbon Rich Concrete Additive.

Visit there Web site: https://edencrete.com/ 

EdenCrete is a Carbon Rich Concrete Additive that provides superior properties.




Double Flanged Foundation Poles.

Double Flanged Foundation Poles are the standard option on all DART units.

The Foundations Pole "Cabling hole" should face to the Conduit Trench supply 240V for the DART Controller & for the Solar Cabling that runs to the Inverter.   At the same time it is Important the two opposite centre bolt holes should be aligned North/South, so that when you fit the Main Mast with the Control housing on the South side, the housing align East to West.

It's recommender you dig the foundation hole 30cm (12") deeper that the foundation pole, to allow for a 30cm layer of Cement beneath the Bottom Flange plate, that takes the Vertical load/weight of the DART unit.

*Cost vary from $200~$475.00 depending on the Pole Depth.




Tripod Braced, Double Flanged Foundation Pole.

Click Image to see detailed Tripod Foundation Installation Instructions.

*Approx. $675.00~$850.00




:: Ground Screw 6 Leg Spider Foundation (No Cement) ::

*Approx. $1'300

With Ground Screws.

*Approx. $950

Without Ground Screws.




:: DART Main Mast Hinge ::

We used a 8 Ton Automotive long reach Hydraulic Jack, that very easily lifted our DART-3 Unit and should be capable to lift a DART-6 unit.

A Mast Hinge allows the Main DART Mast to be first bolted onto the Mast Hinge at Ground level using a Trestles on the end of the Mast, and then fully assemble the DART Racking.

So, when then finished the assembled DART Module can be Raised & Lowered as require over time for maintenance or Repairs, all without the need for Ladders & Scaffolding.

Our Mast Hinges are Currently in Design phase & will cost *Approx. $450 + the Cost of a Hydraulic cylinder(s) that suit the Weight of the DART being raised.

The Hydraulic Cylinder(s) can be left in place or removed after installation and Stored or used for the next DART installation.

The Hydraulic Cylinder(s) you used, need to be capable to lifting the Total DART Racking and Solar Panels Weight from the Ground, and that Weight is exacerbated the Taller the Mast.

EG: The Taller the Mast the higher the Tonnage Rating Hydraulic Cylinder will be needed.



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