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If you plan Nothing, you will succeed at Nothing, So have a Good Read & Think !

PLEASE NOTE: We predominantly sell Dual Axis-solar Radiation Tracking (DART) Units & Energy Storage.

6 Panel Dual Axis-solar Radiation Tracking Unit

This DART-6 Unit fitted with 550W Solar Panels will Generate 33kWh Energy in 10 hours of full Sunlight !

A DART-15 Unit fitted with 550W Solar Panels will Generated 82kWh Energy in 10 hours of full Sunlight !

We attempt to educate one person at a time that;

  1. DART Solar Racking irrefutably Generates far more Energy per year than ANY other type of Solar Racking !
    GPS and Time Tracking is inferior to Radiation Tracking, as on a Cloudy & Overcast Day, both GPS & Time Tracking are Dumb & will point to dark Clouds that the Sun is behind, as they Don't read the Brightness of the Sky, where Radiation Tracking Automatically Reads & Rotates the Solar Panels to Face the Brightest Area of the Sky, it is that simple !
  2. DART Racking will Generate up to 60% more Energy per Year than the same amount of Solar Panels installed on Flat or Fixed Tilted Solar Panel Racking.
  3. A smart Investor will purchase a DART unit that generates there Daily Energy Consumption, and DART units provide over 25% per year Return-On-Investment (ROI), where matched Panel to Panel Cave-Man Fixed Tilted (FT) Solar Racking will take twice as long, simply because FT racking is inferior at Generating Energy. Yes, DART racking cost more upfront, but will simply out Generates FT racking for the next 30 Years !
  4. IMPORTANT: The further South or North of the Equator a DART unit is installed, the Energy Generated becomes even Greater, all because of the Sun's arch through the Sky, where all Fixed Tilted Racking becomes less efficient the further away from the Equator they are installed !
  5. To become instantly Energy Independent, simply purchase the kWh of Energy Storage equal to your largest Daily Energy Consumption, then you will have enough Stored Energy from Solar Sunset to Sunrise and during extended Bad weather !
  6. We recommend the minimum kWh Energy Storage to invest in, is what you Consume from Solar Sunset to Sunrise, commonly that only takes an additional 12 months recover the ROI cost, as you will Not be paying the full Retail Rate of 25~45 cents per kWh if/when purchasing Power Back from the State Grid, and the more Energy Storage you invest in the Better, as Energy Storage will also get you through extended periods of Bad weather, before needing a start a Generator or Import power !
  7. In Australia there is No need to purchase a Generator much larger than 3.6kW, as that is peak Single Phase Power rating.
    Inverter Generators are very Fuel efficient & ideal for Blackout proofing any premises.   Using a generator larger than 10kW is simply Wasting Fuel, as a large Generator won't charge your Batteries any Quicker (except for Super Capacitor Modules & Commercial High voltage battery system), as that is Controlled by the Inverter built-in Battery Management System (BMS).
  8. That's the short of it, with the Above items you will have FREE Energy for the next 30+ years, excluding any catastrophic events like Hail damage or Lightning strikes & Fire etc.


Our site is purposely NOT designed for so called Smart Phones, as their is to much information to read !

FYI: The most common system Failure other than Hail damage, is Inverters Failure for one reason or another, as inverters do all the Hard work of transforming DC Power to AC Power & managing the System operation.

All Solar Panels & Batteries are pretty well Dumb servants to an Inverter, most modern batteries have there own Battery/Cell Management System (BMS/CMS) designed to safely control the Charge/Discharge Rate & some monitor the battery Temperature, modern Solar panels should be fitted with protective one directional Diodes, that stop the system sending power back to the panels after Sunset.

There are several Pros & Cons to consider with any Micro Power Grid, besides the system cost, it mainly comes down to Two Daily events, 1) Total Daily kWh of Energy Generated, 2) Daily kWh Energy Consumed.

Example: A premises Consumes 5kWh energy between Sunset to Sunrise, 10kWh Energy Storage is the smallest Capacity we would recommend, as the more energy storage you invest in, the more secure your Power Supply will be!

The PRO’s of Energy Storage: For True Energy independence, people need to start looking at Energy Storage as being like a Tank of Fuel, as the more kWh of Energy Stored you have, the longer it will Power your premises during, Cloudy days, Blackouts & extended Bad Weather.  Off-grid people know this as with the correct kWh Energy Storage they rarely use a fuel Generator for back-up-power, even On-Grid people would rarely need to Import Power!

In February 2024 with Exchange Rate of $0.66, a 10.24kWh (200Ah) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) Battery with built-in BMS cost *$4'950 each =$438kWh, +Delivery.

The CON's, the Biggest Con the energy Retailer CON's: People Exporting there Solar Energy into the State Grid at 8c kWh, have to Gift the first 375kWh of energy, just to cover the $30 monthly "Service Charge", just to remain connected to the State-Grid.

Many people are Not aware that there Solar Power is going too there Neighbours down the line, where the "Rip-off Retailers" are Charging 30c kWh (or more) for your Power, thus Retailers are Profiting over $110 each Month from your 375kWh free energy, +$30 Service Charge, making $140 Month from you Power, as well any remaining energy you export is making Retailers even more profit, all for just handing you a power bill !

What does a modern Solar Tracking Unit looks Like ?

This is a 4 Panel Solar Tracking unit, this is a 8 Panel Solar Tracking unit, all DART units use half the Panels than All Fixed Roof-top Fixed Solar Racking, to generate the same Daily Energy!

With Solar & Energy Storage at it's lowest cost ever, Energy independence using a DART unit fitted with 550W Solar Panels, 5kW Inverter, and 10.24kWh LiFePO4 Battery Package Deal starts from as little as $10'000 and will Generate 30kwh Daily.

10kWh Energy Storage Modules weigh 95kg and are easy & Safe to Transport from one abode to the next & even into a Motor-home for going on Holiday.

Our Vision: To see every Australian with a Dual Axis-solar Radiation Tracker (DART) in there yard, a DART-4 fitted with 4x 500W Solar Panels will Generate 20kWh energy per Day, that covers 90% of Residential customers!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2016), the average Australian household Spends $40 week on Energy, so if you are paying $0.30kWh that equates to 19kWh energy per Day (40÷7÷.30=19), it is bewildering why the Bureau of Statistics is 6 years behind the times in tabling up-to date information.

Some Electric vehicle store up to 100kWh Energy, that's 10 times more energy stored than the average Household.  So, why can't that energy be used to power the home when plunged in, then the Vehicle battery can Power the Premises, and later Charged at Off-Peak Rates, or at Sunrise when a Solar Array starts Generating Energy at around 6am.

NB: 6am Peak Energy to Sunset can ONLY be Generated if you install DART Racking !

We hope the deceptively named "Energy Retailers" (Who Don't actually Pay for the energy you consume) will become obsolete in the very near future, as Micro Power Grid owners (Prosumers) have started selling there Energy Directly to Consumers via P2P Energy Trading, this technology is currently been rolled out in Australia & World wide by the Australian company "Power Ledger", the Energy is being Paid for via Crypto currencies, we believe P2P trading is the Future of the Energy sector in Australia!

Remember: Total Energy Independent requires just 4 items;

1) Solar &/or Wind Energy 2) Hybrid Inverter 3) Energy Storage 4) The Sun is FREE.

If you already have Solar installed you are well on your way, However unless you invest in Energy Storage you will remain ENSLAVED to accepting what the deceptively named energy retailers charge for energy from Solar Sunset to Sunrise, where the Retailer Energy Rate is commonly 300% more than any Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Offered by Retailers, many people are not aware that Retailers do NOT actually pay for the energy you consume, they make approx. 45% profit on your consumption for only supplying a power bill.

1) Solar Panels we Supply;

  • 550W, Monocrystalline solar panels with Perk technology.
  • 700W, Double Glazed, Bi-facial, Shingled Monocrystalline solar panels.

2) Energy storage & Why are they becoming so popular ?

  • Because energy independence only starts when you Store more kWh energy than your Daily consumption!
    As that allows you to consume your own energy after sunset, instead of exporting your unused daytime energy into the state grid for measly Rebate, and then paying 300% more when importing Power back from the State Grid!
  • It's smarter to Save *30cents kWh by consuming your stored energy, than importing energy back from the state grid.

3) An Inverter Controls your Micro Power Grid.

Once a Micro Grid with Energy Storage is installed, it instantly start generating savings, by not needing to import any energy via an Electricity Retailer, who DON'T actually supply or pay for the electricity you consume, many people are unaware that Retailers can make over 45% profit for simply supplying you with an energy bill.

Micro Power Grids can be a Self-funded investment that pays for itself in 3~4 years in energy savings, leaving you with NO ongoing Power costs for decades to come, but only if your system is correctly matched to your daily energy consumption!

Totally Off-Grid systems don't really have a break even time frame, they only have a "Cost to purchase, install & maintain", Click Here & select an Investment Calculator closest to your "Electricity Consumption", the various calculators will give you a benchmark break-even time frame, based on power Savings and ongoing financial savings based on the equipment you choose.

Remember, Plan Nothing & succeed at Nothing !